Photo Credit: Inspired by RJ Photography


Photo Credit: Inspired by RJ Photography


Photo Credit: Pam Hynek


Photo Credit: Linda Hunt


Photo Credit: Inspired by RJ


Photo Credit: Linda Hunt


Photo Credit: Linda Hunt


Photo Credit: Inspired by RJ


Photo Credit: Linda Hunt


Photo Credit: Linda Hunt


Pam Hynek  Photo Credit


Pam Hynek  Photo Credit






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2022 Application



Member's Bulletin Board:

8/15/22 - New Barrel Racing Sidepot race added for August 21st at Maryville; Results for Toledo; Finals prep has begun.... Event Directors are working to secure sponsors, and a few have committed to awarding the person in your event that brings in the most sponsors.  Get with your event directors to see what you can do to help your event at the finals.  


8/8/22 - Results for Arlington have been posted. 


8/4/22 - Results for Corydon, Paola, and corrections for Winterset results and updated standings have been posted.


7/28/22 - Updated standings


7/26/22 - Corrected results from Corning, results from Pawnee City and Missouri Valley added.


7/22/22 - Updated Standings and corrected results from Hampton


7/18/22 - Results from Mt. Ayr, Sabetha, Colfax, and Hampton have been posted


7/15/22 - Arlington, NE has just been added to the schedule, please note the call in date is July 19th.


7/14/22 - Updated Standings not including Corning.  Results added for Woodbine, Exira, and Fremont.


7/8/22 - Bedford start time has been moved to 8pm; HM IRA Sidepot barrel race in Maryville on August 7th has just been added to the schedule. Results for Whiting have been posted.


6/28/22 -Updated standings and results from Sheridan have been posted.  Good luck and safe travels to all that will be out on the roads over the 4th.  We hope you all have a very profitable 4th of July run!


6/21/22 - Updated Standings and Troy results have been posted.


6/15/22 - Tekamah results are up on the results page. 


6/2/22 - Chariton IRA Side Pot Barrel results have been posted to the results page - results are unofficial until audited in the  IRA Office. 


6/1/22 - Barrel Racers - two sidepot races have been rescheduled.... Princeton is moving to June 5th, and Chariton will have make up dates on June 22 & 29.


5/26/22 - The IRA Finals will be returning to Auburn, NE on September 10 & 11. 


5/10/22 - T&C Rodeo has added Corning, IA to the July schedule. See the schedule tab for more detail on this rodeo.


4/25/22 - Updated standings have been posted.


4/8/22 - Duckworth Productions has added additional rodeos to the IRA schedule today. 


4/5/22 - The summer run of rodeos are being added to schedule this month, Grand River Rodeo has added several rodeos to the schedule todaay.  Please check our schedule page for more details.


3/21/22 - New bull riding special event added for April in Fort Dodge, IA.  Don't forget to get those reservations in to Shari for the Awards Banquet!


3/10/22 - New events have been added to the schedule.  2021 Awards Banquet has been scheduled for April 2nd at the Silver Spur in Grand River.  Happy Hour will be from 4-5 with dinner starting at 5pm.  There will be a live auction at 5:30pm with the awards to follow the auction. If you have any items to donate, please contact Shari in the office at 641-773-5232. 


12/14/21 - Updated standings have been published.  A reminder to anyone that has already earned money for 2022 that your memberships are due in the office by 12/31/21 in order to keep those standings for 2022.


10/20/21 - Updated Standings for 2022, results from Sheridan, new events added for October and November in Savannah, MO and Lincoln, NE.


Thank you to everyone that traveled down to Grand River for Gary's memorial service and helped in any way to make the day so meaningful to his family and friends. It was such a beautiful and fitting tribute to our friend and he will be greatly missed not only by Grand River Rodeo but the entire IRA family.  Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.



9/24/21 - 2022 Application is available at the link above.  Make sure you send in your application and fees prior to 12/31/21 in order to carry your 2022 standings in to the new season.


Kearney and Guthrie Center Results have been posted, and we have a new special event for October from Burkholders.


9/15/21- Congratulations to all of our Year-End Champions and Finals Champions!  We are working to audit results from the weekend and the year end standings and will have those posted as soon as possible here on the website. 


We enjoyed our new host town and hope you did as well!  Thank you to the Nemaha County Saddle Club for all you did to welcome us to your facility and for helping us put on the finals this year! 


We are working to get the contact for the Photographer and will post that info when it is available.


A new IRA sidepot barrel series has been added to the schedule for Chariton, IA.


8/30/21 - Congratulations to all of our members that have qualified for the 2021 IRA Finals in Auburn, NE!  Winterset results have been posted and updated standings going into the IRA Finals have also been posted.  If you see an issue with the standings immediately contact Shari Thurman as Finals prep is now in progress.  Please see our schedule tab for full details regarding the finals. 


8/23/21 - Results for Grand River, Updated Standings, Last regular season rodeo this weekend at Winterset.  Good luck to all! 


8/17/21 - White Cloud has been cancelled due to Covid restrictions just placed for the facility.  There will not be a reschedule date for this rodeo.  We are closely monitoring the remainder of the schedule for 2021 and the 2021 IRA Finals in the event additional restrictions are mandated for the remaining events for this season. If there is a change in schedule we will notify you as soon as we know. 


8/16/21 - Updated Standings, Allendale Results, Finals Information added to Schedule


8/12/21 - Updated standings have been added.  They do not include results from Wyoming for 6/27, 7/9, or 7/25.  Please get ahold of Shari Thurman directly if you have any questions.


8/9/21 - Arlington and Toledo Results have been posted.


8/6/21 - Results for Trenton have been posted along with Updated Standings as of today.


8/2/21 - Paola results have been posted.


7/29/21- Updated standings as of 7/29 (not including Winterset) have been posted to the standings tab. If something doesn't look correct for you please call Shari Thurman as soon as you notice an issue so she can get corrected if needed.


Our finals are fast approaching.  Please get with your event directors and let them know if you have  sponsors lined up for your events.  As always, if you secure a sponsor please make sure you get a business card so we can ad them to our website and the finals material.  Thank you for your help.


7/28/21 - The IRA Board is currently seeking bids for the Timed Event  Cattle for the IRA Finals that are being held in Auburn, NE September 11 & 12.  If you are interested, turn in your bids to the IRA Office by August 12th.  Bids can be mailed to the office:

113 Washington Street

Grand River, IA 50108


7/27/21 - Results for Jefferson, Sabetha, Missouri Valley, Colfax, Washington and Bedford have been posted to the results page. Reminder that a new barrel racing special event in Leon, IA has been added to the schedule for August 22.


7/20/21 - Bedford results have been posted.  A new event was just posted on our schedule - IRA Sidepot Barrel Race & Fundraiser to be held on August 22 at the Leon, IA rodeo arena.


7/19/21 - Results for Fremont have been posted.


7/15/21 - Results for Woodbine have been posted.  Reminder that Woodbine will not count towards standings since perf 2 had to be cancelled due to weather.


7/12/21 - Results for Mt. Ayr, Whiting, and Exira have been posted, updated contacts, and reschedule information for Sheridan and Jefferson have been added.


7/11/21 - Jefferson is now cancelled due to overnight storms and has been rescheduled for July 25th at 5pm.


7/10/21 - Saturday Night Perf for Woodbine has now been cancelled due to severe storms, Fremont is still a go


7/8/21 - The call in date for Washington, IA is July 12th not July 20th as previously posted. 


Also, we were made aware yesterday that there is a site called Rodeo USA that has been posting that some of our association rodeos have been cancelled.  Please know that if a rodeo is cancelled it will always be posted officially on this website and on our Facebook page.  Toledo rodeo is a go for anyone that may have heard otherwise via these other sources.


Lastly, please look at the standings closely to ensure they are accurate for you. If they are not, please contact Shari Thurman as soon as you see an issue so she can research and update as needed.  Don't wait until the end of season when it is harder to track down and we are prepping for finals. 


7/6/21- Updated Contact Listings and Updated Standings.  We are awaiting official results from the weekend of rodeos so that we can post also.


6/25/21 - SHERIDAN, MO CANCELLED: Due to severe storms and heavy rain last night the decision has been made to cancel the Sheridan rodeo. There will also be no Director's Meeting this weekend. We would appreciate your help in spreading the word about this cancellation. 


Let's hope the weather is more forgiving heading into the July rodeos and our busiest time of the season.  We are wishing you all a very Profitable Cowboy Christmas with safe travels and successful runs wherever you may be entering!   


6/11/21 - Updated Contacts Page with additional Personnel


6/8/21 - Updated Standings have been added to the Standings page.  If something doesn't look right for you please get ahold of IRA Secretary - Shari Thurman as soon as you notice it so she can get it researched and fixed if needed. 


6/7/21 - Call ins for Exira and Whiting have been moved to Sunday, June 20th. Same time just a day earlier! Please make sure you double check your schedules and make sure you aren't missing any early call ins for the 4th of July run of rodeos.


As we kick off this busy summer please remember, not all of our stock contractors provide day sheets online prior to their events so keep this in mind when posting and messaging on the IRA Facebook page.  If there are day sheets available we will post them to our Facebook page otherwise you will need to wait until you get to the rodeo to view the sheets.  The IRA office has no control over the preference of our Stock Contractors on this matter, nor do they send us their draw information prior to their events. If you have questions about draws you need to contact the Stock Contractors directly.  Thank you and everyone, and with that said - have a fun, safe, and profitable season!!!  


5/26/21 - Winterset Fall rodeo has been added to the August schedule, and Trenton has been added for the end of July.  Both will be full rodeos produced by Duckworth Rodeo. 


5/21/21 - King City IRA side-pot barrel race has been rescheduled for 5/29 due to weather


5/16/21 - Congrats to both the Geidel & Pierschbacher familes on their new little cowboys this past week! Courtney and Weston welcomed Rustin Curtis on Tuesday and Justin and Alisha welcomed Wesley on Friday.  Both families are doing great and have the cutest little additions! 


5/15/21 - A new IRA barrel racing side-pot series has been added to the schedule in May at Iowa Falls, IA.


4/20/21 - King City, Mo IRA Sidepot Barrel Race has been added to the schedule for May.


4/19/21 - White Cloud, KS has been added to the schedule for the end of August.


4/13/21 - A new rodeo has been added for the end of July in Arlington, NE from Mackay Rodeo.


4/11/21 - A new Facebook page has been created due to access issues with the old page.  The link to the new page is provided above.  Please go out and be sure to like the new page and set to follow for all the latest updates.


4/8/21 - Duckworth Rodeo has added 4 events to the summer schedule and will be announcing additional events soon. 


4/7/21 - Grand River has added a number of rodeos to the schedule and will be announcing several more soon. 


We wanted to let you know we are currently having publishing issues with our IRA Facebook page that may require us to create a new page.  We are working with Facebook to try and determine the issue and resolve.  Please watch here for updates at this time while we work to fix this issue.


3/26/21 - A new roping and barrel racing series has been added to the schedule from April - October for K - K Ranch at the Wyoming, IA Fairgrounds.  Please see our schedule page for more information.


Reminder: Event Approvals are required to come to Shari in the office before they can be posted to our Facebook page or website.  Any stock contractor wishing to bring stock to the IRA finals rodeo must have at least (3) IRA rodeos or (5) IRA first-approved special events.



3/25/21 - $1,000 in added money has been announced for Tuff-N-Nuff Bull Riding Special Event April 9 & 10 in Fort Dodge, IA. See the schedule for more information. Also, 2021 Personnel & Directors have been updated to our contacts page.


3/24/21 - Milan, MO has been added to the schedule for July.


3/15/21 - We are happy to announce the 2021 IRA Finals will be held in Auburn, NE on September 11th & 12th and there will be 3 performances (2 perfs on the 11th and 1 perf on the 12th)


2/26/21 - Updated standings have been posted.


2/23/21 - Congrats to all of our former members that are having some luck at the winter PRCA rodeos this month!  Good luck to all of you heading down to compete at the American Semi-Finals and we hope to be cheering some of you on within AT&T Stadium later on in the week!  On the IRA front we are starting to hear the contractors are reviewing contracts and hopefully we will have an initial schedule to share with all of you in the coming month or next.  Watch the website and Facebook page for updates.  Once the schedules are out it is going to be critical for us to show our support to these producers/rodeo committees and have as many entries as possible for them to continue holding their annual rodeos. 


2/20/21- Shelley Schaefer will be hosting a special event barrel racing event at Lincoln on May 8 & 9.  Watch her website at S Bar S Arena for more details and entry forms.


2/11/21 - Services will be held on 2/19 for Justin Hagland from 2-4 at the Schroeder-Reimers Chapel in Boone, IA.  Following the service there will be a benefit held at the Iron Saddle Saloon in Dayton, IA.  There is a Go Fund Me account set up at this time for Justin's family. Justin Hagland's Go Fund Me Account for his Family


2/10/11 - It is with a heavy heart we share the news that Justin Hagland has lost his short battle with Leukemia today.  Please keep his family in your prayers.


12/30/20 - Be sure to renew your memberships by end of day tomorrow (12/31) in order to retain your standings for 2021 and take advantage of the discounted membership dues. 


We do have one winter series for bull riders on the calendar but you will need to check with Johnny Hopkins to see when the next event will be held due to Covid restrictions and winter weather.  So far all of his dates have been cancelled due to Covid.  As we are provided updates we will post them here and on our Facebook page.


Everyone have a safe & Happy New Year and we look forward to seeing you all in the spring!


11/9/20 - Members - Purchase your 2021 cards by December 31 to take advantage of the discounted pricing. Personnel -  please send in your applications by December 31 to get your free 2021 card.


There will be a timed event special event out in Lincoln over the Thanksgiving weekend. See the schedule for more details.


10/19/20 - Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Bryan Sponslor on the news of his passing yesterday. 


10/11/20 - New bull riding special event winter series has been added to the calendar that will be hosted by Johnny Hopkins. 26 seperate events will be held within this series.


9/17/20 - A new barrel racing side pot series has been added for September and October that will be held in Chariton, IA.  Lucas County Fairboard will be hosting the 5 event series.


9/14/20 - Results for Guthrie Center and Winterset have been posted.  Two events remain on the calendar for 2020 at this time, both IRA sidepot barrel races at KTK arena. 


Our thoughts and prayers are with the Chamley family today as they say goodbye to Aaron.  Here is the link to the obituary: Obituary for Aaron Chamley


8/31/20 - Results for Sheridan have been posted.  We have 4 remaining events left on the schedule for 2020 at this time.  Guthrie Center full rodeo, and 3 IRA barrel racing sidepot series in Iowa Falls. Additional information for the 2021 memberships will be coming out soon.


Reminder that we will not be hosting a 2020 Finals this year due to the on-going COVID restrictions and we will be rolling over standings from 2020 to 2021. 


8/26/20 - New IRA barrel racing sidepot series added for September in Iowa Falls, IA.


8/7/20 - Correction in the bareback results for Corydon


8/4/20 - Brad has added a special event on the 29th at Winterset, the day after the full rodeo in Winterset.  These are 2 seperate events with the same call in date on August 16th.


7/26/20 - Burlington Junction IRA side pot barrel race for 7/26 has been rescheduled to August 15th.


7/20/20 - 2020 Finals Announcement:

The IRA Board has meet over the weekend and made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 IRA Finals.  Anyone holding a current IRA card with money won for this season will have your money rolled over for the 2021 season standings.  For those of you that have not yet purchased your 2020 cards but would like to compete you can still purchase your 2020 season cards at any IRA event to start accumulating standings for 2021 now. A decision from the board will be made in the next month about 2021 season cards and how that will be addressed.


7/14/20 - Allendale, MO and Syracuse, NE have cancelled.


6/30/20 - Grand River has been cancelled; KTK Arena sidepot barrel race has been added to the schedule for July 12th; Corydon call in has been added for July 19th


6/19/20 - Trenton, MO and Toledo, IA have now been cancelled.  Syracuse, NE has moved up the call-in date to July 13th. Go for Broke Productions have added an IRA side-pot race on July 3rd in Waterloo, IA


6/10/20 - Winterset, IA July event has been cancelled but no decision has been made on the August full rodeo.  Kearney, MO has been cancelled. 


Paola, KS and Allendale, MO committees have met this week and are still moving forward with plans to hold their rodeos for what they know right now.


6/3/20 - Exira has been cancelled.  King City has been rescheduled to June 7th.


5/28/20 - Bedford, IA and Fremont, NE have been cancelled. An announcement is expected from Exira, IA by June 3rd on their community rodeo.


5/21/20 - White Cloud, KS; Washington, IA; and Jefferson, IA have now been cancelled.  White Cloud may try to reschedule if possible later this year.


5/20 - Centerville, IA and Mt. Ayr, IA have been cancelled.


5/15/20 - Colfax, IA rodeo has been cancelled. 


5/14/20 - S Bar S Arena has added a Memorial Day weekend IRA side pot barrel race to the calendar; HM Productions has added additional IRA side pot barrel races to the schedule for this season; Troy, KS and Whiting, IA rodeos have made the difficult decision to cancel their rodeos for this year while Tekamah, NE has been postponed - no confirmed reschedule dates at this time.


5/11/20 - Duckworth Rodeos have added Colfax, Winterset, Centerville, Trenton, and Corydon to the schedule this week.  More details on the events including call in dates will be added as we get closer to the events.


5/8/20 - HM Productions has just notified us that the race in St. Joe is being moved over to King City - Same time, same info, just a new location!


5/4/20 - We have just received word that Tekamah has been postponed. No new dates have been determined yet, we will post an update when new dates are available.


4/29/20 - HM Productions has added an IRA side pot at their race in St. Joe. Grand River Rodeo has added Bedford, IA to the scheduled in July.


4/28/20 - Tuff-N-Nuff Winter Series Finale has been re-scheduled for June 5 & 6. Duckworth Rodeo has added both Colfax and Tekamah to our schedule for June while McKellips has re-scheduled Milan rodeo for August. Burlington Junction IRA side-pot barrel race is still on for this Sunday, May 3rd starting at 12pm with warm-ups.


4/24/20 - Sheridan, MO rodeo has rescheduled from their June dates to August 28 & 29. 


4/23/20 - Please keep the Stark family in your thoughts on the loss of Ron Stark.  Ron has been a staple for over 30 years hauling stock for Grand River Rodeo Co. and will be greatly missed across our association and far beyond. Grand River Rodeo Co. is organizing a small tribute on Saturday morning as the family passes through on the way to the cemetary. If you would like to line up in your cars as the family passes through to let them know you are thinking of them, please plan to meet in the Silver Spur parking lot in Grand River, IA at 10:30am Saturday morning and you will be organized from there.  Due to the virus mandates in place we ask that you remain in your vehicles as the tribute is set in place from the parking lot.

Ron Stark Obituary Link


4/20/20 - We have added several rodeos and special events to the schedule and will be keeping our fingers crossed that we can get out on the road soon and get back to our 2020 season! Thank  you to all of our committees and town hosts for working to still hold your great rodeos amidst all of the virus issues that have been occurring.  We all are looking forward to seeing you again soon! Members please keep finding ways to support our sponsors during this time if you can.


4/3/20 -Hello everyone - The front page of our website is finally working correctly again for updates! :) Many of our spring rodeos have now been postponed or cancelled due to the Corona Virus concerns. We will continue to update our schedule and Facebook page as we are notified of changes.  Everyone stay safe and do your best to support our sponsors right now as they have supported us over the years and they need our help during this time of uncertainty. 



1/7/20 - 2020 Standings have been posted and results have been added from the various events and winter series that are occurring. 


10/31/19 - Final year end standings have now been posted and 2020 current standings are also posted.


10/28/19: CONGRATULATIONS are in order for all of our great contestants that came to the finals!  Not only did you make it fun to watch you were a great group to work with throughout the weekend.  Our personnel both inside and outside of the arena worked dilgently to keep things moving and make sure that we had a safe and fair finals experience for all.  Every single one of you rather you competed, worked the finals, or donated your time, products, or money we appreciate your support of this association and what you contributed to make the finals happen this year!  Thank you all and congratulations to our year end and finals champions! Special thank you to Chance Ridge Arena for letting us utilize your facility again this year and for making us all feel welcome!


Full results from the finals are now posted on the results tab.  Final year end standings are being audited at this time and will be posted to the standings tab once reviews are complete.  As a reminder the year-end banquet will be held early in 2020 where we will hand out the saddle vouchers and buckles for year end and personnel.  This will also be the first fund-raising opportunity for our 2020 season so once dates and details are confirmed they will be posted here. 



10/23/19 - Good luck and safe travels to everyone headed to Elkhorn this weekend for the finals!  Just a reminder that Shari has shut the office down tonight and will be back online tomorrow afternoon as we set up the office in Elkhorn for the weekend. Please watch our Facebook page for updates from Elkhorn as it will be updated throughout the weekend.


10/8/19 - The following director positions will be up for re-election to our 2020 board this year during our general membership meeting at the finals:


President, Bareback, Calf Roping, Steer Wrestling, Team Roping, and Bull Riding


Please talk to one of the directors if you are interested in running for the board or if you would like to re-nominate current directors back to the board for 2020 please reach out to those members directly to discuss with them.


Several new and returning sponsors have been coming in to support this year's finals - as they are coming on board we are updating the front page of our website (see the right hand side of this page) for info and links (if they have one) to find our great sponsors!  Please support these businesses as our finals would not be possible without them!


If you haven't booked a hotel yet for the finals they are starting to fill up so you might want to get one booked ASAP (we have a list of local hotels close to the arena on the schedule page under the finals info.)


9/26/19 - Reminder that all entry fee money is due in the office tomorrow (9/27) otherwise your spot will be filled and you will not be able to compete at the finals. Results for Kearney have been added and we have several new sponsors coming in that we are adding to the site!  Please check them out and when you support their businesses let them know you are with the IRA and that you appreciate their support of our association. 


9/16/19 - Chanute has increased the added money in the rough stock events to $600.


Make sure to get your finals entry fee money into the office and cleared through the bank by September 27th. As a reminder fees are $270 and if you need Electric or extra stalls ($25/night) you will pay the facility when you arrive at the arena.


9/10/19 - Don't forget to call in for the Finals today starting at Noon!


9/5/19 - Reminder for Call in info: Tuesday, September 10th from 12pm to 5pm @ 660-845-2166 (Top 15 will compete at the finals but Top 20 in each event need to call in to fill positions. If you are a current cardholder that isn't in the Top 20 but would like to be put on a waiting list to fill any open spots please call in and notify Shari that you would like to be on the wait list in your event for the Finals.  When entries close we will move to fill open spots from the wait lists, so if you are in the Top 20 you need to make sure you call in or your spot will be filled by a wait list member)


We are looking for event pics from our year end champions to add to our website:

2018 Year End champions please send your best event pic (with permission from the photographer) via a private message to our Facebook page and we will update the website! We would also like to include those that won Horse of the Year awards so send in those pictures.


2nd Go Opening Cermony- 2018 IRA Finals at Chance Ridge Arena in Elkhorn, NE

Photo Credit: Hiedi Scoles




Thank you to Pam Hynek, Inspired by RJ Photography, and Linda Hunt for the use of their action photos on the

Interstates Rodeo Association Website!

2019 IRA Finals Operation Outreach Rodeo Photos with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of the Midlands at Chance Ridge Arena in Elkhorn, NE.

Photo Credits: Hiedi Scoles


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